Alliance with Eastern Christians a way to get rid of Great Turan

Dr. Amr Mohammed Eldeeb
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This article sheds the light on

-Turkish nationalism exploited language and identity to establish the Turkish world and excluded religion.

– Turkish insistence on removing the identity of the Arabs and melting them into the ottoman identity. 

The fall of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt aborted the dream of Turkish expansion and demonstrated the weakness of the ideologicalmilitary and political weight of Ankara in the Islamic world

 depriving the Turks of integration in the European Union led to the return of the   Turkish nationalism that is not based on the Islamic element. 

He did not have any chance to survive, the first mistake he made that he was looking for food aloneperhaps things would have taken a different approach if he was accompanied by someone elseThe second and the biggest mistake he committed is wandering too far in a dangerous area at the far end of the valley.”

Heroes mentioned in the story told by John Mitanni, researcher in the field of the world of sureme apes are not  human beings, but they are of the chimpanzees species that inhabit Uganda’s national park.

These words show us the significance of belonging to a group has the same language and interest, which has become the slogan of the stage in the entire world, and of course I am not a philosopher or a theorist to explain the deep meaning of the term nationalism, but we can all stand on the manifestations of this term.

Make America great once again. It was made clear that US withdrawal from many organizations and international conventions and its international economic war against the European Union and China is out of the nationalism essence.

The term Russian speaking world and Russian movements since 2008 in the region countries of the Soviet Union and the Middle East, and its final step adopting the Russian Law rather than the International law   is also a nationalism trend.

Latest movements of the European Union (EU) to achieve their interests in a separate of course is a nationalism trend and also recent moves of France on the European , middle east and African levels, away from the EU and NATO, is a nationalism trend as well. Germany and Italy are currently adopting same current.

As the trend nationalism was the basis of the exit of Great Britain from the EU, then we are in front of a world tends absolute selfishness represented in nationalism. The more prevailed this trend is, the severer conflicts break out.

Turkey watches out

Another important country especially in the Middle East is currently adopting the same nationalism approach, Turkey

Until the recent past, the leadership of Turkey, represented in Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has been trying to implement the strategy of the new Ottoman and to restore the influence on the entire space that was occupied by the empire of Ottoman. Meanwhile, Ankara has sought to integrate the Ottoman new project to the US new Middle East project but the fall of the Muslim Brotherhood group in Egypt, the strengthened situation of   Kurdish in northern Syria, the intensified presence of Russian the Middle East, and the prevail of Chinese existence decreased the ideological, military and political weight of Ankara in the entire Islamic world.

In addition, depriving the Turks from the prospects of real integration in the EU beside the fluctuating relations with the west especially with the US led leadership of Turkey to return to the Turkish nationalism that is not based on the Islamic element, instead, the Turkish world or Great Turan.

Turkish nationalism political movement emerged in the late of 19th century and it targeted unifying all peoples speaking Turkish in the empire of the Ottoman, Russia, China, Iran and Afghanistan. It began with the Turks in the semi – island of Crimea and Volga, and called first for the unification of the Turks belonging to the empires of Ottoman and Russian against the domination of growing  Russian tsarist, and this is the definition of Encyclopedia Britannica.

National Turkish is a peer unity of the Germanic or Slavic one and those supporting this trend consider themselves as “one nation” came  from China and Central Asia to stabilize in the region of Volga and Balkan .

Bani Turan

Rashid Rida said in  page no 501 of Volume no 19 in al-Manar magazine that “A movement  appeared in Turkey, I mean new Turan sprouted in Istana in 1331 AH and then took spread in many parts  the Sultanate, and this movement was characterized by being limited to a specific category whose goal is  Turkish nationalism according to national racism regardless religious Islamic backgrounds .

Here is a statement that clarifies its goals, endeavors and actions:

Firstly: to make the Turkish nation a standing nation independent from Islam in order to prepare people to be raised with sense of nationalism.

Secondly:  To promote only the Turkish military spirit.

Thirdly: to establish commercial relations and kinds of links with the Muslims of foreign countries including Northern Azerbaijan and Russia in Asia and the southern parts thereof.

Fourthly: To purify the Turkish language from Arabic and Persian terms and also arts relevant to both languages.

This Assembly has another coveted goal isn’t communicated, turning the Arab Turkish. Bedsides, the supreme goal of this group is to get the Turkish man act as Turkish and Ottoman primarily while being a Muslim or not shall be a secondary issue.

These goals Rashid Rida mentioned about 107 years ago are the pillars of the foreign policy of Turkey today and the base on which Turkey moves from in its ties with all countries where it has sort of  leverage.

If we analyze the summit of the annual seventh anniversary of the council combines the countries speaking Turkish held at the end of 2019 in Baku, we will find that it was the most obvious step on the road of Great Turan. The summit was attended  by presidents of Azerbaijan , Turkey , Kazakhstan,  Kyrgyzstan Uzbekistan who attended for the first time as a full member in addition to of Hungary President Viktor Orban whose state occupies the observer chair .

Some significant scenes and words in this summit are hard evidences on that Turkish nationalism trend. They’re topped by the suggestion of Nazarbayev, first president of Kazakhstan to abandon the term “Turkish speakers” and rather turn  to “Organization of Turkish States” and to develop the “program of Turkish Vision 2040”. and then come the words of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan who said in his speech at the summit that his dream is the establishment of six states and one nation .

It is noteworthy that the concept of two states – one nation in which Turkey and Azerbaijan especially are interested in has so far succeeded. It is prevailed   in the level of bilateral relations, which we have seen in the recent Azerbaijani – Armenian skirmishes and by all indications to the revival of the ideas of Turkish nationalism, in an attempt to commence the implementation in specific modern political and geopolitical circumstances.

Flag of the states of the Turkish Council is compulsory flag that comes second after their national flags.

Through this Turkish geopolitical project, we can clearly find out that it primarily targets countries of the Arab region, so Turkey has been trying to unite with Iran that is likely to face more weakness in the future and also working on the scheme to get Arabs Turkish and actually this prevailed in the admiration of some Arabs to the Turkish experiment and the Turkish leverage in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia and Qatar .

Russian fears

In addition to all of the foregoing, this project since its inception in the mid of the nineteenth century is directed to be against the Russian Union. Thus, in the case of implementation of this Turkish nationalism vision, Russians may not only face the loss of influence in Asia and Central Caucasus, but its influence in the Muslim republic of Tatarstan who may exit the union therefore as well. Actually no one can be astonished in this case if he reviews the size of the Turkish leverage in the republic of Tatarstan today.

Thus, we find Minister of Russian Foreign Affairs Sergei Lavrov expressed in his speech at forum of “region meanings” about the Russian willingness to consider accession to the Council of Turkey Speaking Countries.  In fact, this means the Russian administration feel how critical is this project, so if it can’t confront and stop it, it will  join it working on weakening and keeping it away from its goals.

Indeed,, in the last ten years, Russia has always been trying to fell into  into Turkey’s bosom , in order not to turn it an enemy that could weaken it significantly.  Despite bringing plan SU 24 down  ,  refusing to recognize the annexation of Crimea,  stirring up problems in Central Asia , Caucasus, Syria and Libya and killing the Russian ambassador, Russia didn’t  take any aggressive actions against Turkey.

In general we are not talking about a project that awaited to be shown within 100 years, but we are talking about a project has already begun targeting the Arab countries and the Russian Union.

Framing the church

For us, we have already seen this as a matter of fact, conflicts in the Arab region, efforts exerted to prevent any unity in the near future, divisions that stroke states themselves and conflicts in the region of Eastern Europe including Ukraine and the expected conflict in Belarus. All these issues can overcome any dreams of the Kremlin unification with the Slavs, especially with the division of the of Russian church who has become church independent from the Ukrainian one and attempts to divide the Serbian church to be separated from the Montenegro.

We can notice in the conflicts that have been aforementioned the presence of the Turkish factor in all crises. Turkey has a hand in every conflict in the Arab region and its intelligence and military powers are there in all the crises of Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Qatar, Lebanon and Somalia. Turkish conspiracies also played a role in the division of the church of Constantinople and of the Orthodox and now trying to divide the Serbian  Church. In addition, Turkish existence in the conflict of   Nagorno-Karrbahk makes us believe in the  idea of conflicts instigation  in all areas geographically surrounds the Great Turan

We inevitably conclude that actions of Turkey on the international arena is not just a slogan raised by   the elite Turkish, rather, it is an action guide. Hence, we should not underestimate the impact of this idea on the regional and global system as the situation can be the same what happened when the Europeans considered Adolf Hitler’s thoughts not more than a demonic dream and that his theory was just out of paranoid grandeur symptoms that can’t be implemented.

What should we do?

1- Despite the return of nationalism on all international levels and the relentless pursuit of each nation to achieve its own interests regardless any union or federation, I’m here hesitated to mention the term Arab nationalism as I might be deemed as a dreamer. Thus, I will take from the Turkish nationalism project a launching point to argue why don’t we have our own nationalism project as well?

Actually this project today won’t be a matter of luxury like it was in the 1950s and 1960s , but it will be a matter of existence or extinction in the first half of the 21st century.

2- If we are unable to implement the project of Arab nationalism, we must search for another entity threatened by the same dangers, for example, the Eastern Christians or the Russian Federation, as the Arab nation and the Russians are threatened by Turkey and then Great Britain.

Therefore, if you are brave enough to cooperate with the State of Israel due to the common dangers both of you are facing,  , we are in need for  cooperation and close ties between the Russians and the Arabs in any form and in any way in order to confront the threat of Great  Turan. Meanwhile, cooperating and uniting with the eastern Christians will pour in our interests as such alliance will put an end to the Turkish nationalism dream that will be a terrible danger in case it is fulfilled in cooperation with Iran.





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