Does the US have an entrenched democratic system?

Zouhair Makhlouf

After storming the US Congress by Trump’s supporters who questioned the recent elections and doubted the integrity of the entire electoral process,  after the initiation of his trial as well as the attempt to exempt him from the presidency of the country, after the sharp split in the societal composition of the US people, after the manifestations of violence that surfaced and emerged as a political phenomenon and after it became a social phenomenon among the ranks of the US society that threw it into the furnace of abhorrent political polarization, it is worth asking about the future of the US democratic system and the future of democracy in the US. Did this system have the components and requirements for steadfastness and survival? Was there a real deep-rooted and stable democratic system that could be emulated?

To answer these questions, we have the right to evaluate this system in terms of practice and facts and to analyze the extent to which the historical and the philosophical stems and theoretical and referential seeds of democratic thought are rooted in the founding fathers and ruling politicians throughout contemporary history.

Actually, the US has been in breach of international treaties in the field of international human rights law and international humanitarian law in addition to the nine international conventions that constitute these rights, such as the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against women, the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of their Families, the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the International Convention for the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearance.

The US has also consistently violated the international humanitarian law and its customary and written basic rules and instruments aimed at protecting combatants and civilians during armed conflicts, including the St. Petersburg Declaration, the Hague Declaration, the four Geneva Conventions and their attached protocols, and the United Nations Convention on the Prohibition and Reduction of Certain Conventional Weapons.

The US also reneged on its pledges in the field of adherence to the principles of the United Nations Charter and its main bodies, including the General Assembly, the Security Council, the Economic and Social Council, the Trusteeship Council, the International Court of Justice, the United Nations Secretariat Foundation and its Secretary General.

Likewise, the US has never committed itself to the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which was adopted by the General Assembly on December 10, 1948 in Paris under Resolution No. 217.

In this article, we will present generalizations about the merits, events and facts in which the US violated all that has been mentioned above, and then we analyze the philosophical, ideological and historical bases on which the US was founded and where it was a reference base for its action for all the crimes it has committed for a century of time. One century is the timeframe for this article, for which we have set titles and chapters surrounding its selected topics:

  • The intellectual, historical, ideological and political background of the US arrogance and its lack of respect for international conventions

Since the white fathers occupied the land of Amerindians and the land of “slaves” of Africans searching for gold and influence, they pulse of land usurpation, raiding property, and the use of all forms that enabled them to acquire precious savings and gold, especially after they developed the manufacture of gunpowder with which the lethality of all whoever demonstrates protest or resistance and justifies that killing, extermination and enslavement of people, while they are the real ones who possessed the means of strength and the means of easy victory.

Their philosophers and politicians had an effective role in theorizing for the permissibility and infliction of all crimes, especially after they had convinced the public, the private, and the soldiers that they were a chosen people and in the level of the great technological superiority they had attained and even their women when conditions and opportunities allowed them.

The instinct of appropriation and the lust of greed for expansion wee pillars in establishing this philosophy and transforming it into a belief in a state of social activity that only works to achieve the private interest and pursues for that all the ways and means to achieve this interest and these goals by all means and whatever the woes that afflict humanity, which stained it with the abhorrent ideology.

If we add to all this their mastery of the technological power that made them feel the infinite ability to do what their inhuman desires order them to do, we reach the depth of the philosophical and historical rootedness of the US arrogance and history mixed with evil, especially during a time of decline and deviation of the role of the Church that synchronized with the will of liberation from values, etiquette and religion. The situation of philosophers, politicians and theorists have established this spirit and this philosophy vertically and horizontally, and through it they have been able to justify the occupation of peoples, usurp their lands, enslave people, and persevere in their killing and extermination. They even have established their united states on the basis of impunity that is based on the ruins of skulls, blood, sabotage, killing and survival of the strongest.

  • Reality of violations and serious crimes incurred by the US

If we enumerate the most important violations committed by the US white man and the US administration over a century, they can be summarized as:

Genocide Crimes

The United States of America, through its carrying out many genocide crimes against civilian and peaceful human groups, wanted to confirm its absolute arrogance and its lack of commitment to any humanitarian, legal or human rights controls as a sign of proving power and inability of any party in the world to hold it accountable as it prejudices the right of veto that guarantee impunity. For that reason, it established multiple programs including but not limited to, the “Phoenix” program that it established after the US failed to achieve victory over the Vietnamese resistance, and it has carried out many genocide crimes against large groups of people in many countries and on repeated occasions due to the failure to activate the International Court of Justice mechanism that Under its law as the US can use the right of veto over its decisions in order to avoid any form of punishment. Even when the international organization intends to establish an additional mechanism that can hold individuals, groups and countries accountable in the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, the matter of joining it was left optional, and so the US did not ratify the mechanism of this court for the evasion of responsibility and impunity.

If we enumerate the crimes of the United States of America on the subject of the genocide that it has carried out, that heads will be blackened and the conscience will be broken.

  • Violations against humanity

The US has been accumulating its crimes against humanity and has killed, tortured, raped, assassinated and got many citizens forcibly disappeared in many countries and thus it is considered one of the rogue states that violated international human rights law and all international conventions and violated the dignity of many people by attacking their right to life and their bodies and underestimated the international human rights organizations and the United Nations Human Rights Council for many decades.


If we dealt with such gross violations of human rights in detail and narrative about what the US committed against humanity and against citizens and peoples, the heart would be squeezed in pain.

  • Crimes of aggression

The US, who nominated itself as the only policeman in the world for a century, carried out numerous crimes of aggression, as its soldiers invaded several countries and attacked the sanctity of many countries and peoples, and aimed at subordinating regimes to its will or suppressing a popular uprising that exploded against rulers loyal to it or to abort revolutions that occurred in these countries. It also toppled regimes that did not comply with the will of the US white man and his arrogance, rebelled against his decisions. The US also carried out more than one aggression in order to invade countries alleging fabricated accusations and killed groups that have become a threat to it or to its allies. The US also used force to extract their debts from regimes that showed rebellion or impotence with empty and false justifications. The US justified randomly killing people, attacking the sovereignty of countries, occupying countries, subjugating and invading peoples, abusing the citizens of countries and destroying their fortunes and killing their rebels or armies in various ways.

The crime of aggression has left many continuous tragedies that afflicted millions of people and caused  tragic consequences that the human mind cannot assimilate. It even transgressed international humanitarian law that controls the limits and minimum rules that must not be violated in times of war.

 * War crimes, use of forbidden weapons and selling them clandestinely and fueling conflicts to stimulate their trade in this field

The US fought several wars against some countries and groups in which it violated international humanitarian law and the Charter of the United Nations and used forbidden weapons that were the cause of the elimination of millions of people. This prompted the Russian Parliament to refer this file to international organizations and to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. Actually, the US didn’t used such weapons in all wars including Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Vietnam, Somalia, Uganda, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen and Syria. With regard to the USA’s use of white phosphorous bombs several times in Syria, it deserves investigation and accountability. The use of chemical weapons by the US was one of the most common uses of non-conventional weapons, as the US used variety of prohibited weapons, including laser weapons, sound bombs and uranium bombs, as well as testing what they called “mother of bombs” in Afghanistan in 2017, which is a flagrant violation of international rules in the field of the use of non-conventional weapons. Currently, they are in the process of coordination with some Gulf countries to enable them to establish laboratories despite the hazard of using internationally banned weapons, which the world has unanimously agreed to prohibit since the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth century. In spite of the US’s signature of agreements and protocols that prohibit the sale of forbidden weapons, whether conventional or unconventional, and banning their use, the most important of which are toxic and chemical weapons, biological weapons, atomic, radioactive, neutron, and cluster weapons, among others, the US continued to secretly sell prohibited weapons to its allies, and this has been proven in numerous incidents in which such weapons were used, and discovered to be originated in the US, including Saddam’s use of them during the first Gulf War that he fought against Iran during the battle to retake Faw from April – to July 1988 and it was called “Operations where we rely on God” to manufacture uranium to deter Iran as it claims.

Add to the above the use of the same weapon in the attack on Halabja on Friday in June 1988, which claimed thousands of victims.

The use of internationally banned white smoke bombs in the war on Iraq was confirmed by the international coalition, in which it was confirmed beyond a reasonable doubt that the United States of America sold such banned weapons to one of the aggressor countries or used them themselves in the Fallujah incident in 2004. We can’t also forget when the Russian Foreign Ministry accused the US of violating the intermediate Range Nuclear Forces Treaty and other arms control agreements, such as the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

We here point out that the incidents in which it was confirmed that the US sold banned weapons to its allies, including those in which an international investigation was conducted, and some that remained confidential, and the sale of these prohibited weapons has claimed thousands of lives, and the responsibility of the US authorities bears the responsibility first.

Founding armed groups and supporting terrorism:

When the pressure on the United States intensified in terms of criticisms by the parallel poles in the world, which surrounded its growing influence and arrogance, the US thought about establishing armed or terrorist groups to play the roles of the godfather and mercenary who serve the agenda of the US master upon request as it aims to stir up unrest through the use of these mercenaries as a tool and a spear that violates the sanctity, geography, sovereignty and stability of countries and violates international law without being exposed to accountability. Thus, we have seen the presence of these logistically backed militias in dozens of countries in the world, which fueled wars and killings in many parts of the globe, such as Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, Afghanistan and other. This was confirmed by Trump in his election campaign when he admitted that the US administration, during Barack Obama’s time, had supported ISIS, Al Qaeda and Islamic militants all.

These groups played a vital role in targeting peace, global security and stability. Although the issue of its support, its attribution, and the creation of these groups by the US was discussed in an open manner, we did not see any accountability for the US or even attempts to refer this file to the international court.

*Supporting regimes of oppression, tyranny, racial discrimination and occupation:

In great contradiction to international humanitarian law and international human rights law, the United States pursued a policy of supporting repressive and authoritarian regimes loyal to its policies and entrusted its subordinate regimes who oppress and violate the rights of the masses and citizens, which resulted in massive crimes, killings, prisons, and widespread enforced disappearances in those countries. In addition to this logistical and political support for such authoritarian regimes, the US also supported the apartheid regimes, which were the cause of massacres, genocides, and massive human rights violations by these and killed hundreds of thousands of citizens.

*Using the veto to cover up the crimes of others:

To further delve into the grave international violations, the United States uses the right of Veto against most of the issues that concern the right of peoples to self-determination, the right of countries to guarantee their independence, the right of citizens of those countries to obtain their civil, political, economic and cultural rights, and the right of states to spread international justice that guarantees the cessation of violations. It uses the veto that deprives some of their rights; restitute them from their lands or to redress from their oppressors. It uses this right to support the international system of injustice and not to protect justice or redress the oppressed. Rather, the use of the veto mechanism is what caused the international imbalance in the system of justice, equity and deterrence in the world.

*Refrain from signing the international agreements and treaties:

Successive US administrations insist on refusing to ratify several basic human rights agreements, due to their disagreement with them in concept or their lack of acceptance of the accountability mechanism and being held accountable in the event of adherence to such agreements in the belief that they are above the law or that they are a superpower which is not restricted by the agreements. The US is one of the countries that is late in the ranks of the countries that have condemned racial discrimination and do not accept, to date, some of the civil rights stipulated in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and have not ratified the Optional Protocol on the abolition of the death penalty, and have not ratified, to date, the International Covenant on Economic Rights. It is one of the countries whose name is associated with Somalia for not ratifying the Convention on the Rights of the Child, and it has not ratified the Rome Statute organizing the International Criminal Court and seeks to pressure states to refrain from joining this court as it tries to conclude bilateral agreements between them. What’s more, the US is among the countries ratifying the court so that they and their citizens are not subjected to trial by them and it is in the forefront the countries that obstruct the adoption of a third annex protocol to the four Geneva Conventions and the only country that has built a special definition of the crime of torture in order to circumvent what it has ratified from the Convention against Torture as it considers torture is reduced to inflicting bodily harm to a person in a way that leads to the disruption or damage of only one of his body parts but if there is no breakdown or damage to any of the one’s organs, the interrogation methods used don’t consider this a torture.

The United States has violated the Geneva Convention in many armed conflicts and supported the Zionist entity in its violation of the Geneva Convention on several occasions, as well as Saudi Arabia in its violation of this agreement in Yemen and violated the terms of the World Trade Agreement and industrial espionage against many countries and thus violated the agreements organizing this sector. The implementation of judgments issued by the International Court of Justice “The Hague” on several occasions, and it has rigid positions on environmental protection agreements and has not ratified the “Quito” Protocol on global warming, and it is the largest polluter of the environment.

We are unable to enumerate the agreements and treaties that they have not ratified or those that have violated in this narrow space.

*Withdrawal from agreements and treaties and threatening international peace and stability:

The violations of international humanitarian law and international human rights law as well as the international conventions that the US have violated isn’t deemed as international crime only but an harming to the international peace and global security. We have many witnessing actions in this line, the moving Washington embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, as a form of official recognition of the occupied city as the capital of the Zionist entity, and this decision is considered a US denial from fulfilling its international obligations and a clear violation of the Security Council resolution, which puts the US in a conflict with the United Nations General Assembly and international community organizations.

The United States ’mission to the United Nations also announced the withdrawal of its country from the Global Compact for Migration, which has become a threat to the security and lives of all immigrants from neighboring countries and others. On October 12, 2017, the US State Department announced the withdrawal from the International Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), as it claimed the necessity of making fundamental reforms within the organization, which had decisive stances against Israel, and also it a was keen to cancel all agreements concluded by previous US administrations with the Havana government on June 16, 2017.

On May 8, 2018, US President Donald Trump announced his country’s withdrawal from the nuclear agreement concluded with Iran in 2015, and affirmed his country’s reinstatement of sanctions imposed on Tehran, which is considered a coup against the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, known informally as the “Iran Deal” or The “Iranian nuclear agreement”, which was concluded with five permanent members of the Security Council plus Germany and the European Union, which has become a threat to international peace.

The United States of America announced its decision to withdraw from the “Trans-Pacific Partnership” (TTP) agreement, which the United States signed with 11 countries from the Asia-Pacific region, excluding China, in 2015, and Trump hinted on many occasions that the global agreement on climate change could be canceled as it announced its withdrawing from the Paris Global Climate Agreement on November 1, 2017.

In this regard, we note that it is the withdrawal from many agreements by the US that has become an international concern for global peace and security and life on Earth.

*Selectivity in dealing with human rights issues

The US adopts a human rights peg for the sake of controlling the world and is doing the most selective process in dealing with international files in this field, whether by imposing sanctions on specific countries or in support of certain regimes or opposing some of them, and it is always looking for methods to circumvent and often threatens human rights councils by withdrawing financial support from them in case they rebel against their will or by withdrawing from pledges to install the dependency and loyalty.

*Using the weapon of sanctions and tightening the siege on some countries to intimidate them:

The United States of America has been persistent in violating human rights and threatening world peace by using the weapon of imposing economic sanctions and tightening the siege on countries that have come to see them as rebellious states. Therefore, people have suffered from such arrogant practices and this oppressive method of controlling the world and the decisions of countries subject to sanctions and siege or those imposed by the US to join them in imposing these sanctions.

Because of this, many people have been subjected to slow death, health neglect, hunger and starvation by adopting such oppressive methods. Some countries have also been subjected to suffocating economic crises that have doubled their poverty and perpetuated their weakness and backwardness.

The international community often depends on the US decisions that perpetuate such arrogance and response to this international crime that permits the punishment of peoples and their gradual killing under the cover of the international legal system. The economic blockade on the countries that it decided to punish, and until the time of the Covid pandemic, America continued to use the same method to punish the peoples and countries that did not accept the US conditions and arrogance.

*Supporting transcontinental companies that violate the environment, the climate, and the freedom of homelands and peoples

The world has changed in recent decades, and transcontinental companies have become a new method of disguised colonialism and the robbing of state sovereignty. The US authorities have adopted such companies to besiege the countries on the path of growth and to reduce the borders and size of their sovereignty over their homelands and peoples.

These companies have become the one who violates the human rights system and the upper hand of the US in various parts of the world to consolidate the violations and actually they continue to conclude suspicious deals and some countries are forced to disavow their promises and obligations under their pressure, which pushed the US authorities not to sign the climate agreement and disavow their obligations and commitments in the field Human rights. Indeed, these companies are the ones who have been the cause of the US involvement in several wars, as well as direct intervention, imposing the siege and tightening sanctions.

In conclusion, the United States has violated international treaties in the field of international human rights law and the nine international conventions organizing and annexing it, as well as the international humanitarian law, its rules and its customary and written basic instruments. It  has also broken its pledges to adhere to the principles of the United Nations Charter and to engage with its main bodies and has never committed itself to the principles of The Universal Declaration for Human Rights, which was adopted by the General Assembly on December 10, 1948. It has committed many crimes, such as genocide and many others against humanity. It has committed aggression, waged wars against countries and used and sold prohibited weapons. It also established terrorist groups that violate international humanitarian law without being held accountable and approved to exaggerate in its arrogance, supporting the repressive states and rulers, the racist and colonial regimes and adopted the veto to perpetuate the status quo. It also adopted the weapon of sanctions and siege to impose its influence and decisions. It withdrew from some agreements to consolidate more global hegemony, and it has also pursued a selective process in dealing with human rights files and incendiary international files, and thus it has positioned itself as a policeman oppressing the world.

Its behavior and its arrogant imperialist approach violated world peace and cosmic peace, and it became the biggest factor of destruction for humanity and the greatest threat to world peace and the safety of peoples.

Will the United States of America continue to pursue the same policies adopted nearly a century ago, or did what Trump did after questioning the recent elections has uncovered the stubbornness of the world-dominating democracy, which is wearing makeup of falsehood and arrogance of force?? The coming days will confirm this and reveal many facts, and the US will not withstand the collapse of its regime, the disturbance of its democracy and its arrogant system, and the dispersion of the wills of its leaders.

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