Humanity prescribes Arab-Kurdish rapprochement

Dr .Yassin Raouf
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A short time ago, I wrote an article entitled (Inevitability of Kurdish-Arab Rapprochement), and after had been published on Ottawa Institute for Near East Studies website and republished by some Arab and Kurdish websites, I received many additions, comments and feedbacks from my dear readers who asked me to write about the necessity of societal amalgamation between Arab and Kurdish nationalities. Thus, we are touching on this issue “societal amalgamation “in this article.

All Kurdish revolutions were just reactions to the injustice and oppression practiced against Kurds by the fascist and Turkish regimes and governments.

According to my humble knowledge and little knowledge of the history of the Kurdish revolutions since the time of Sheikh Mahmoud, grandson to Judge Muhammad in Mahabad to late Mala Mustafa until the new revolution that was an extension of the previous revolutions followed by the setback in 1975 or the Kurdish revolution in northern Kurdistan (Turkey I mean) led by the Workers Party (Beyk), I believe that all revolutions were an inevitable result and a normal response to oppression, occupation and persecution by despotic and chauvinist governments and regimes, whether in Iran, Iraq or Turkey, and blameless reaction to the killing, destruction and displacement crimes committed by the totalitarian and racist regimes towards this peaceful people .. To here I do not think that anyone will oppose me if he is realy familiar with the history ..

However, these revolutions and their corresponding legitimate and inevitable reactions do not justify wasting opportunities by political leaders, whether Kurdish or authoritarian regimes, as there are historical joints and phases since the beginning of the persecution and the emergence of revolutions in which the two parties had a chance to reach an agreement, comprehensive peace or at least a truce protects the defenseless people from killing and displacement and spills wasted blood.  Unfortunately, these opportunities had not been exploited properly due to the external pressure practiced on either sides and to the racist populist pressures, aggressor’s sense of victory and the submission to the revolutionaries’ opinions. Consequently, losers are the Arab and Kurdish people, as their children have become fuel for a fire may devastate everything while war merchants, chauvinists, racists and extremists are the beneficiaries.

For the record, I am not the first to write or to speak on the subject of the inevitability of Kurdish-Arab rapprochement. In the 1960s, the late political and great professor Ibrahim Ahmed preceded me by writing articles and approaches regarding the same topic, but unluckily his words were not heard at the time.

And now I have titled my article “Humanity first”, and I will write about it, insist on it and demand it, as we are now in the technology and communication century when what I am writing now may can reach anyone in the globe, from far east to far west and anyone can understand me, communicate with me, talk to me and interact with me immediately without barriers as there is no difference between Arab and Kurd, Indian and American or Swedish and Singaporean, etc.  We are all in speech, communication, interaction and hostility to terrorism the same and we  equally have the same fears from Corona epidemic so what happened to Donald Trump from Corona can be a simplest example. Indeed, terrorism, disasters and diseases rampant in the world do not distinguish between young and old, white and black, rich and poor and Kurds and Arabs.  All of us are alike in good or bad times.

Hence, why should we differentiate between ourselves or prefer one another over one another?  from this standpoint, I call on my Arab brothers, their leaders, my Kurdish brothers and our leadership to merge and blend into the melting pot of humanity only. Come live with each other in peace and safety and share with each other the good of our country from its far south to its north. We shouldn’t let sectarian, ethnic and regional considerations separate us or make us kill each other, and I ask both sides to stop the bloodshed of our people so that they can breathe a sigh of relief, even for a moment, amounting to the next hundred years, and it deserves.

The bounties of Iraq are sufficient for Arabs and Kurds if the greedy sides move away and let the Iraqis live equally, in safety and freedom.

To conclude, it should be noted that politics and partisan trends, those who underestimate the authority and those who feed on the ruins of sectarian or religious extremism, are trying to widen the gap between all human beings, but the conscious segment of the two nationalities can expose them, especially at the time of the Internet and social communication and through writing and human awareness only.

Therefore, I appeal to leaders and politicians on both sides to leave hatred and resentment, to give up the intentions of revenge and to embrace social peace, as all of our mothers gave birth to us free and human, and at the time of birth we were only human beings. Whether we are white or black, Arabs, Kurds, or other races, I believe that fortunes of Iraq are sufficient for everyone if the greedy and the corrupt disappear. What is wrong with the Kurdish if he wants to enjoy goodness and beauty of Basra and with the Arab if he wants to enjoy Zakho’s as long as we live equally and in safety and freedom???


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