Inevitability of Kurdish- Arab rapprochement

Dr .Yassin Raouf
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The reader here may ask why the article considers the Arab- Kurdish rapprochement is a necessity not a chance. Actually, I believe that getting closer ties between both sides and searching for the ways available to get this happens is inevitable. In the conviction that these close ties are crucial, all opportunities of convergence will be tackled in details in this article.

Neighborliness between the two peoples of the Arab and Kurdish is a Godly wise.

Their neighborliness is due to geographical proximity since antiquity, making it incumbent on both sides to live in peace and without hostility and hatred in order to continue life and preserve neighborhood.

Actually, points of convergence and the commonalities shared between them are more than those points of divergence whether on the religious, sectarian, social, cultural or economic aspects. More importantly, they don’t only share the merits; they even share the demerits as well, the enemies whom they have to be aware of. From this point, we can base the inevitability of convergence, because the coexistence and neighborhood in addition to the interests and commonalities shared in all areas do not only necessitate the rapprochement, but impose the permanent if not everlasting alliance.

Meanwhile, the Kurdish people must realize that their national security is primarily linked to the Arabs and it is noteworthy here that all destructive wars and losses that resulted from the crises between us and the Arabs were just reactions to the tyranny deeds committed by the tyranny regimes whether on the necks of their people or the Kurdish. Our wars were against regimes not peoples and were for gaining our least rights from those who robed our lands and prevented us from even preserving our identity including language and culture.

Thus I would like to reiterate that the Kurdish people don’t hold grudge or hatred towards the Arabs and both sides should disregard any conflicts and to lead joint cooperation against the enemy and here I would like to focus on terrorism.

We, the Kurds, were the first to be burnt with its fire, as they destroyed our cities and villages and killed our children and women before the men, and insulted our women and daughters before their hands reach the Arab countries and here we acknowledge that Islam is indeed innocent of their criminal acts.

The Kurds, since the inception of Islam, have been the most adherent to the true religion and the most nationalities did the utmost for its sake and for its propagation, as is the case now while the Arabs must also realize that the Kurdish people regard the Arabs as their first neighbor and the bearer of this Islamic religion. In fact, we are the first to confront terrorism and the battles between us are best witness, whether in Iraqi Kurdistan or in Syria, and both of us must know that the Kurds support the Arabs and consider them their first partner in the land, honor, culture, religion, economy, destiny and common future.

Since the inception of Islam, the Kurds have been the most adherent to the true religion and did its utmost to serve the Islam and strove to spread it.

All that we have proceeded on the one hand of the Arab and Kurdish peoples, and now we come to talk about the Arab political regimes, the Kurdish regional authority, or the Kurdish parties that are influential in the arena.

Firstly, the political parties in the Kurdistan region of Iraq and in general all the parties must be well aware and take into account within their future goals and aspirations in the new life that the first center from which their problems must be solved is Baghdad.

Troika is now leading the Arab world to protect the region from Turkey and Iran

This is from the local point of view, which is between us and our federal state, and in general terms between us and the Arabs on the level of regimes and peoples, we see that there is an Arab troika now leading the Arab world in one way or another. This troika is led by Egypt as the owner of the oldest civilization, the most active and dynamic population density, the owner of the largest mass media and global presence on the level of art and as the most stable Arab country politically, security and economically. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia participates in this troika as the largest economy in the region and one of the twenty strongest global economies and most importantly embraces the two holy mosques, which are the qiblah of Muslims, the holiest places on the planet and Kurds consider these places in particular are so special and sorts of unlimited attraction.

The third arm in this troika is the United Arab Emirates, as it is the owner of the largest financial abundance, political stability and technological progress, especially after it was able to bring again the hope on surface of Mars a while ago. These three countries have the leadership of Arab states, regimes and peoples. They have a long history in international relations and have a great influence on the public policies of the world.

Therefore, we, the Kurds, are aware of the importance of what I have mentioned, and we must search from all directions to find more common denominators or to revitalize these denominators for the sake of mutual interests between us and these countries. On the other hand, we see that the two rivals, Turkey and Iran in the conflict and in another world, as Turkey now, due to its wild policies or the old Turkish royal mentality, has made its regime outcast on the European level, hated on the US level and hostile on the Arab and regional levels. I am almost certain that the current Turkish regime is completely isolated in the world because of Erdougan reckless policies and irrational ambitions that have no limits, whether in Iraq where he looks forward to restore Mosul, in the eastern and northern part of Syria, in the Mediterranean which prevailed in his harassment in the sea to Greece and Cyprus, his childish moves in Maghreb or his ambitions in Libya which in my opinion is likely to be the straw that will break the back of Ankara.

From here we see that the common interests and the dangers facing us as Kurds and also Arabs must reconcile our opinions, and we have to agree to unify our interests because we are facing the same risks and the ambitions that have begun to affect our land, our people, and our presence in the region. We realize that if the owner of these ambitions has the power enough, he will wipe us off the ground. Thus, Arabs should turn to their Kurdish neighbor and try, in various available ways, to strengthen the relationship in all scientific, military, economic, commercial and security fields, because our enemy is one, whether the terrorism that emanates under the cloak of our two non-Arab neighbors or their policies that do not lead except for the destruction and devastation in our region. While we are on our land, have our strength, our forces, and our proper and clear policy towards our people and other neighbors, we inevitable will win the battle.

And all the Arabs realize that most of the European countries, as well as the Asian ones as a whole, are with us, and they agree with our visions and policies towards our eastern and northern neighbors and their aggressive policies, and also there is an important and fundamental point which is that we never antagonize the Turkish people, rather, we only defend our existence and are hostile to those who antagonize us.

We must also note that the Kurdish people, by their nature, are on the verge of everything new and in harmony with all creativity, and this is a point of strength for us and our Arab brothers in all scientific, cultural and commercial fields. Our land is full of bounties that we and our Arab neighbor are most deserving than other Iranians or Turks, whether in Syria or Iraq. Our land is adjacent to the land of the Arabs and its bounties are shared with the land of the Arabs. I believe the general global mood and future strategies, whether European or American, are consistent with our orientations more than what Erdogan or the Islamic Republic of Iran. You see the blockade imposed on Iran and its destructive effects, as well as Erdogan’s reckless policies, and you see the softness and flexibility of the Kurdish leaderships with the global politics.

Hence, I see that Arab-Kurdish rapprochement is inevitable and a duty on both sides for the interest of both, especially at the present time, and that the time has come for the Arab leaderships and their regimes to extend the hand of reconciliation and rapprochement in all levels with Kurdish leadership and people.

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