Toronto to Host Biggest Egyptian Real Estate Exhibition Spring 2022

Toronto, the economic capital of Canada will embrace the most momentous real estate event between Egypt and North America, Tiba Scape, Own Your Dream.

Tiba Scape is the first and largest real estate exhibition connecting Egyptian top real estate developers directly with interested clients in North America. The exhibition will be hosted in Toronto in Spring 2022.

Tiba Scape will be held over an area of 60,0000 feet, marking for the first time in Canada direct contact and sales with real estate developers while addressing potential clients and investors directly. In return, this will guarantee engagement, transparency and trust between clients and the real estate developers.

The event will also feature exclusive, unprecedent offers presented to visitors by the Egyptian real estate developers, including discounts, flexible payment terms and much more.

According to Tiba Scape organizers, top Egyptian real estate developers will participate in the exhibition with more than 35 residential and commercial projects. Projects are in different geographical areas to appeal to all visitors and interested clients. Areas include:  New Capital, New Cairo, Fifth Settlement and Sheikh Zayed in addition to Sokhna, North Coast, Hurghada, Gouna, Sahl Hashish, Marsa Alam, Galala, New Alamin and many more.

Tiba Scape, Own Your Dream, heeds the desire of many Egyptians and Arab people in Canada to invest in Egypt. Sales of the exhibition is expected to exceed $60 million with attendance of also more than 20,000 visitors.

Indeed, Tiba Scape is meant to support the Egyptian government in its initiative of Egyptian real estate export amid the current surge in real estate development and investment in Egypt, whether through establishing new coastal cities or providing new investment opportunities by rendering different facilities and options.

Thus, there is no surprise that this exhibition receives a particular interest from Egypt’s ambassador to Canada, Ahmed Abu Zeid, as well as a number of Egyptian ministries, in order to be debuted in a worthy semblance for the Egyptian real estate developers and the Egyptian community in Canada whose number has almost reached 250,000 recently.

The deluxe exhibition event is overseen by Canadian entrepreneurs from Egyptian origin including business leaders, marketing and investment professionals.


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